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Why choose to host
A Brochure Website
with eDIY?

An eDIY Brochure Website is perfect for any club, group or event type website.
Share your story online with the world.

If you need a web site for sharing pictures and information with friends and family or for a non-profit organisation an eDIY Brochure website is perfect for you. Publish text and images quickly, create logins and get people to register on your website with this information you can send out bulk emails to comunicate with your clients. 

Communicate with your clients
We can make it happen! 




Create content instantly by logging in via the eDIY Content Manangement System.

Edit content, add photos and other information that can also be styled to
be mobile responsive easily.

Edit your Content Online



Login Areas
restricted access

Create a database of members that can login to restricted areas of your website.

Perfect for clubs and associations with newsletters or other secure information that needs to be restricted access.

    Create your own access groups



Email campaigns
create bulk emails

You have created a beautiful and functional website with our eDIY website content management system.

Next, with your customer list you can send out bulk email campaigns.

Engage your customers 



Expand as you grow

Your website can start off small and simple with a few pages and grow. Add on extra pages, create dynamic content, choose and update anytime you like.
Decided you want to sell online?
Upgrade your plan to eCommerce!

Build your powerful Website


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